STEP 1: “Unpack” the Standards.

(This includes any content standards you will be using i.e. state, district or school content goals/objectives)

This is the process of analyzing the academic standards to identify what students are expected to understand (concepts/generalizations), know (topics and facts) and be able to do (skills and processes) at a particular grade level, for a particular course6th grade standard pic.jpg, and/or for a particular discipline. The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) has provided Unpacking Documents for each content area represented in the NC Standard Course of Study. These documents serve to clarify the intent of the standards; however, you will have to add additional content, skills, and understandings to accommodate your local expectations for the curriculum you develop.

As you unpack the state standards for the grade level or course for which you will develop your local curriculum, ask yourself:
  • What concepts are explicitly stated in the standards? What are some implied concepts that students should understand?
  • What skills and/or processes will students have to know how to do?
  • What broad topics could I teach that support the concepts identified in the standards?


Sample Concepts By Strand

Sixth Grade Unpacking Doc Example.png

Identify the Concepts

Brainstorming Possible Content

1 Activity time.jpgActivity Using Tricider

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