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Self Assessment Activity

After reviewing the above graphic highlighting the progress of understanding and implementing the new [[#|Social Studies]] Essential Standards individuals should be better equipped to make some determinations about their progress and level of readiness in implementing the new standards.

Using the Self-Reflection Assessment [[#|handout]] each individual should read the statements listed under Phase I and Phase II and check off those statements which they feel confident to have mastered.

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Take fclock.jpgive to eight minutes to read and check off the items which apply to you on the Self Reflection Assessment.

When time is up remember that this activity is intended for each individual's personal reflection and the reflection on where they are as a local school district.

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Points to remember:
  • Participants should be able to accurately articulate where they are in the journey of understanding and implementing the new Social Studies Essential Standards and using concept-based instruction.
  • Participants should use the assessment to help them determine a realistic plan of action in implementing the new standards and conceptual teaching framework.

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