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Unit Title: A Legacy of Awareness, Action and Participation

Unit Overview

Have you ever wondered why people are so passionate about their freedoms and rights in America? Have you ever asked yourself why should you [[#|participate]] in our nation’s political system? Why do people sometimes protest against governments, institutional abuses, and organizational regulations? What is meant by the "scope and limits" of a person’s right? Is our government allowed to restrict or take away our individual rights? What is a citizen’s responsibility in exercising and enjoying the rights they have been given in the United States? How do citizens take part in civic life? How does our government maintain balance between an individual’s liberties and the public interest? These are just a few of the questions you will examine in this unit. Many believe that the well-being of the constitutional democracy that we enjoy in the United States and all of its rights and privileges depends upon the informed and effective participation of its citizens. In this unit, individuals will examine issues, events, decisions, etc. involved with making sure that individual rights and the practice of promoting the common good are preserved. Individuals will also explore the importance of citizen awareness, action and participation and why putting into action the rights and responsibilities granted to all citizens is a practice in good stewardship. This unit will ask you to explore several theories and historical philosophies about government and determine if and how they might still be applicable in current-day American society. As you analyze the fundamental principles of American politics in terms of how they have been used effectively to maintain constitutional democracy in the United States you will also analyze historical and contemporary issues and citizen and governmental responses to those issues at various levels of government in an effort to see how they not only promote the public interest and/or general welfare but, also spark citizens to become engaged and take actions to protect their fundamental rights and freedoms. As you analyze the principles and practices of our government and civic participation, you will also be asked to identify current-day connections to historical and past events, issues, decisions and actions. As you go through this unit you should keep in mind an overarching question, Is the restriction of rights and freedoms ever justified?

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