STEP 2: Create an outline of units you may teach for the entire year. (This includes unit titles and conceptual lenses.)

Unit TitleThe Unit Title should reflect the centering topic of study.

As you decide on the units you will teach for the year, ask yourself the following questions:
Step 2.jpg
  • What topics do I teach at my grade level or for my course?
  • What topics lend themselves to an in-depth unit of study?
  • How can I sequence the topics so that they logically connect to each other in order to enhance understanding for my students?
  • How many units will I teach at this grade level or for this course?

Typically, the rule of thumb is:
  • Three to four units for elementary grades K-3
  • Four to six units for elementary grades 4-6
  • Five to eight units for grades 7-12

Example 6th Grade Unit Outline

  • Sixth Grade Sample Yearly Plan Outline.png

Conceptual LensThe Conceptual Lens is a broad, integrating concept (or two concepts together), or conceptual-level question, that acts as a conceptual filter for student to use in processing factual information.

As you decide on the conceptual lens you will use for each unit, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What concept(s) will focus the study? For example: continuity and change, perspective, exploration, or innovation
  • What conceptual-level question will focus the study? For example: Is global peace ever possible?
  • What concept(s) or conceptual question will give the study a focus that will promote thinking beyond the factual level?
  • What concept(s) or conceptual question will allow for integration of the curriculum if you are developing integrated units?

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