Another key element that is important to concept-based curriculum and instruction is the acquisition of skills. All students need to have multiple opportunities to utilize skills learned to become an expert in a discipline. You should identify the key Skills that students need to know in order to be successful during the unit. Some skills may be identified in content standards, others may be district and/or school mandates.

As you identify the key skills that students need to use during the unit, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What key disciplinary skills do I want my student to acquire and/or utilize during the unit of study? For example, will students analyze primary and secondary sources?
  • Are there any multi-disciplinary skills from another content area that would be useful to students during this unit?

Again, refer to your web and your skills objectives to help you determine what critical skills are necessary. You will also want to consider your performance task and the skills that will be necessary to effectively complete the task!

Sixth Grade Sample Concept-Content Web.png

key skills.GIF

Your combined key content and skills should look something like this:

6th grade crit.GIF

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