STEP 4: Identify the specific Clarifying Objectives that support each unit.

During this step, you simply assign the Specific Standards that support each unit. This step occurs only if you are mandated to teach specific content standards. From these standards, you will identify the critical content and concepts that support the unit of study. This identification will occur in step 5 as you develop a concept/content web.

As you begin to align specific standards to each unit, ask yourself the following questions:
  • What relevant content standards will this unit address?
  • Are there opportunities to integrate with other disciplines?

Also before you begin this process, you need to have an understanding of concepts and their attributes. To do so, refer to the image below.


Click to Download Some Helpful Sample Concepts By Strand

List Clarifying Objectives
List Clarifying Objectives
List Clarifying Objectives
List Clarifying Objectives
List Clarifying Objectives

1 Activity time.jpgACTIVITY

Using your homework, do the following:
  1. Look at the standards for the course or grade level with which you were working.
  2. Look at the topics and concepts you came up with in your homework assignment.
  3. Match those concepts and topics to the clarifying objective(s) with which you think they work best.

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