Unit Development Process

Step 1
“Unpack” the Standards.
Step 2
Create an outline of units you may teach for the entire year.
Step 3
Draft a brief summary or overview that describes each unit.
Step 4
xxxxIdentify the specific Clarifying Objectives that support each unit.
Step 5
Create a Concept/Content Web.
Step 6
Writing Generalizations|Write Generalizations/Understandings/Big Ideas
Step 7
xxxxWrite Guiding Questions to support each generalization/understanding
Step 8
xxxxIdentify Critical Factual Content
Step 9
xxxxIdentify Key Skills
Step 10
xxxxAlign Assessments to understandings (Developing Performance Tasks) factual content and skills
Step 11
xxxxDevelop Learning Experiences to support the performance tasks
Step 12
xxxxIdentify Unit Resources and write any helpful Teacher Notes

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Quick Links To Components In The Process
Unpacking The Standards <> Creating Unit Outlines <> Drafting A Brief Overview Of The Unit <> Identifying Clarifying Objectives <> Creating The Content-Concept Web <> Writing Generalizations <> Guiding Questions <> Identifying Key Factual Content <> Identifying Key Skills <> Aligning Assessments to Understandings/Performance Tasks <> Learning Experiences <> Identifying Resources and Teacher Notes

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